Mental Health Recovery

Welcome to Choices in Recovery

This website is a place where you and the people who care about you can come for support, information, and resources to get involved in your mental health recovery journey.

What Is Mental Health Recovery?

Mental health recovery is an ongoing process, not a single outcome. Keep in mind that mental health recovery

  • Is a different process for everyone
  • Can include ups and downs along the way
  • May stop and start again a few times
  • Should be a partnership with you and your treatment team
  • Is what you make out of it–your preferences matter

You know what else is important? Being hopeful. You will get there.

Pave Your Own Way

Remember, your mental health condition is part of your life–but it doesn’t have to define who you are. Work with your doctor and treatment team to create a recovery plan based on what YOU want and need. This can help you stay on course with your treatment and manage symptoms so you can work toward achieving goals and living the life you want.

Your Needs Matter

As you think about what is important in your life, remember that YOU are a key member of the treatment team. Partner with your doctor and your support network on decisions related to treatment and recovery.

For many people living with schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder, medication is a foundation of the mental health recovery process, along with supportive treatments.

Keep reading to learn more about treatment options and strategies for success, and take action in your recovery journey. We’re glad you’re here!