Treatment Team Center

Mental Health Treatment Team Center

Making a Difference Starts With You

As part of a treatment team, you play an important role. You help people living with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder find the help they need. No matter where your patient is on his or her recovery journey, you can make a difference.


Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together

Whether you’re a prescriber, nurse, case manager, social worker, therapist, peer support specialist, or have another role, you know the recovery process is a lifelong journey. There are many ups and downs along the way. You understand how important communication, education, and each patient’s unique past, current, and future needs are to putting together the right recovery plan and treatment equation.

It may take several conversations before you feel like you’re making progress with your patients. It takes time and patience. See if Motivational Interviewing (MI) techniques can help you facilitate your patient interactions.

Resources to Help You

As you’re getting started, it may help to

  • Download helpful resources to navigate challenging conversations and guide your patients toward a recovery plan that works for them
  • Learn about communication strategies, such as Motivational Interviewing, to make the most of your conversations with patients
  • Uncover your patient’s beliefs about treatment
  • Help your patients think through the pros and cons as they make treatment decisions
  • Get answers to any questions you have

Next, review common treatment beliefs and how you can help address them.